2009 EIA Energy Conference

Submitted by R-Squared Energy Blog

Sorry for the long gap in posts, but I haven’t had much Internet access this week. Now I am freshly arrived back in the U.S., so I thought I would just quickly touch base.

The 2009 EIA Energy Conference is scheduled for April 7th and 8th, and I have been invited to be on a panel session called Energy and the Media. Lots of familiar names will be speaking; at least familiar to me. I have mentioned Paul Sankey from Deutsche Bank here a couple of times. I have spoken with Steve Mufson from the Washington Post on energy issues, and he will be on the panel with me. Of course former TWIP author and friend of R-Squared Doug MacIntyre will be there, and I look forward to finally meeting him.

I can’t imagine that the RFA’s chief lobbyist Bob Dinneen is going to be happy that they have invited an “energy blogger” to participate, given that he finds us such an “unsavory lot.” Maybe he can set his ad hominems aside for long enough to answer some serious questions during his panel session Renewable Energy in the Transportation and Power Sectors. That may be asking a bit much from someone who is paid $300,000 a year to say nice things about the ethanol industry – and nasty things about those who are critical of ethanol policies.

Anyway, the conference is free, so if you happen to be in the area, be sure to drop by.

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