5 Countries, 5 Companies, 5 Reasons to Pay Attention: #5 – Finland’s Wartsila Ojy Abp

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EnergyTechStocks.com is read monthly by investors in over 100 countries. That makes us keenly aware of the need to throw a spotlight on intriguing-looking companies all over the world. This week we highlight five companies from five different countries (Scotland, China, the United States, Canada and Finland), each of which may be of interest to investors big and small, concluding with:

Wartsila Ojy Abp, a Finnish engineering company that trades on the Helsinki exchange.

Wartsila most recently reported 67% and 49% increases in second quarter and first half profits, respectively. While the company has a ship power division, what qualifies it for coverage here is its power plant unit, which posted a 143% increase in second quarter sales over the prior year.

Wartsila’s power plant business is surging thanks to the growing global scarcity of reliable power, which translates into a need that Wartsila is exploiting for both more power plants and equipment that provides greater grid stability. The company recently announced plans to build 20 small power plants in India, two in Brazil, and one each in the United States, Portugal and Angola. The company calls its small power-producing units flexible power plants, capable of reaching 25% power in just two minutes and full output in eight, making them ideal for helping meet peaking requirements. Wartsila’s small power plants also fit the needs of large industrial firms, such as the cement works company in Angola.

Investors should remember that Wartsila is also in the power end of the shipping business, and that orders there reportedly are starting to slow. However, growth in power plant construction and grid stabilization projects presumably should continue, what with the world’s ever growing need for more—and more reliable – electricity.

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