As If It Wasn’t Tough Enough To Build High-Voltage Power Lines, Now Their EMF May Be Connected to Alzheimer’s

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New research from Europe concludes that people who live within 50 meters of a high-voltage power line are more likely to die with Alzheimer’s disease.

The longer they live near a high-voltage line, the greater the risk, according to the report by a group led by Martin Roosli, a noted researcher from the University of Bern in Switzerland.

Roosli’s research was first reported by Microwave News, a long-time advocacy publication that reports on health controversies surrounding electromagnetic fields (EMF) given off by power lines, cell phones and other sources. According to Microwave News, this is but the latest in a growing body of research that links Alzheimer’s to exposure to EMF.

“It’s not just childhood leukemia anymore. Alzheimer’s disease is poised to take center stage in the long-simmering EMF-health controversy,” long-time Microwave News editor and publisher Louis Slesin wrote in his newsletter.

If Slesin is correct, it will become even more difficult to site and build a high voltage power line. Most opposition today is from environmental advocates who worry about such things as impact on endangered species, and from nearby property owners, who fear the value of their properties will fall if a power line is built.

As reported two weeks ago, the reliability watchdog group for the U.S. power industry just warned that new power line construction is lagging so badly that the U.S. will soon be at great risk of being unable to keep the lights on.

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