U.S. Government Report Indicates China Firms Will Be Among the Big Beneficiaries Of The Lithium-ion Revolution

Submitted by EnergyTechStocks.com

A report from the U.S.’s Argonne National Laboratory concludes that China is making “vast progress” in developing lithium-ion batteries, a clear indication that Chinese battery manufacturers should be among the big winners as the world ramps up production of lithium-ion batteries for vehicles and consumer electronics.

The report notes that a number of Chinese battery firms – including BYD Company Ltd., Tianjin Lishen Battery Joint Stock Co., Shenzhen BAK Battery Co. Ltd. and Shenzhen B&K Technology Co. Ltd. – are participating in what the report calls the “rapid growth” of China’s lithium-ion battery industry.

Lithium-ion batteries are expected to be in greater and greater demand as plug-in electric vehicles hit global highways starting over the next two to three years. Lithium-ion batteries, which are already in great demand by consumer electronics firms, are prized because they are longer lasting and provide more power than other types of batteries.

The Argonne report, which received its first U.S. media exposure on the web site Green Car Congress, buttresses EnergyTechStocks.com’s belief that BYD, which is making lithium-ion batteries for its own electric vehicles, may be a company worth watching. (See How Investors May Profit From China’s Eco-Crises (Part 1 of 2) – BYD Co.’s Unique Car Battery Strategy)

The report should serve as an alert to all investors that their search for winning lithium-ion battery development companies should be worldwide. (See Investor Alert: Start Positioning Your Portfolio For The Electric Vehicle Revolution)

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