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An exciting New Energy synergy is emerging between Denmark’s powerful wind and the electric vehicle transportation revolution an Israeli visionary is creating.

Shai Agassi founded Project Better Place with riches from his many Silicon Valley ventures. His goal: To make real his vision of electric vehicle (EV) transportation. He wants to create a network of battery charging and battery switching stations where EV drivers can conveniently charge or replace drained batteries and go on their way just like drivers who fill up at gas stations.

Having secured approval from the government of his native Israel to build the first network there, he has now entered into a partnership with DONG Energy of Denmark where together they will build the second Project Better Place network.

Building in Denmark offers Agassi a very special opportunity. Denmark has been building wind energy since 1979 and expects to generate 25% of its electricity from wind by the end of 2008. Nevertheless, much of Denmark’s wind goes to waste because the wind goes on blowing when electricity demand falls off.

Beginning in 2011, 20,000 Project Better Place recharging stations will be downloading electricity for millions of EV batteries from the grid. Much of that charging can take place during off-peak hours utilizing otherwise wasted wind energy. Some of the stored energy can be available during peak demand for reloading at no extra cost.

On the rare days when wind is lacking, the network will still get its electricity from Denmark’s grid, which seamessly integrates wind power and coal plant generation. Denmark has reduced its greenhouse gas (GhG) emissions by 15% using this mix and Project Better Place transportation is expected to significantly lower emissions further despite increasing electricity consumption.

This short silent animation explains the Project Better Place concepts of recharging and battery-switching stations. (Double click to activate.)

After the Israeli and Danish networks are moving ahead, Agassi will take his dream to the rest of Europe. He has said he also wants to build a recharging station network in Manhattan.

Electric car system planned in Denmark by 2011 using surplus wind power
March 27, 2008 (AP via International Herald Tribune)

DONG Energy (Anders Eldrup, chief executive); Project Better Place(Shai Agassi, founder/CEO); Renault; Nissan

Denmark gets more than 20% of its power from wind and will hit 25% some time this year. (click to enlarge)

Project Better Place will partner with DONG Energy to market its EVs and build its recharging stations throughout Denmark, using the unique advantages of Denmark’s wind energy supply.

Denmark’s recharging network is expected to be ready in 2011.

Denmark is all islands and peninsulas between the Baltic and North Seas. (click to enlarge)

– The recharging stations will be conveniently located in parking lots and residential areas. The idea is to make them at least as accessible as neighborhood gas stations.

– Denmark will have 20,000 recharging stations for its population of 54.million.
– Renault will build the EVs. Nissan will supply lithium-ion batteries.
– The EVs will have a 90 mile all-electric range.
– The stations will be automated. The vehicle’s run-down batteries will be pulled out and a charged battery will be installed.

Denmark’s region is rich with wind energy assets. (click to enlarge)

– Agassi, Project Better Place: “We’re in discussion with 30 countries — Europe, America and Asian nations…”
– Elders, DONG Energy: “The extra energy we have, we can use in an intelligent way by putting it in batteries…The cars’ CO2 emission would still be half of what it is today with fossil fuels…”

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