Alternative Energy Investment Analyst Konrad: Peak Oil is Here Now; Buy Bus Company Stocks Like FirstGroup (Part 1 of 2)

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Many alternative energy investment advisers spend all their time looking at companies developing new green technologies. But not Tom Konrad. Konrad believes that “peak oil” is a clear and present danger to the world and he’s on the lookout for companies with alternative energy technologies that are ready to go right now.

Konrad, who is also a principal with the green technology web site, believes that bus companies are probably best positioned to make the most immediate impact in a world where oil production has peaked and demand is still going up, creating a steadily worsening oil shortage. In an interview, Konrad said that because of peak oil, he believes that the American middle class is about to join the lower economic classes as regular bus riders. He predicted that city governments will be in a panic as peak oil causes a sudden surge in the number of people taking buses to work. “The easiest thing to do will be to slap in a new bus lane” and put more buses on the road, Konrad said.

Scouring the investment landscape for stocks that might benefit from this scenario, Konrad said one company looking interesting is FirstGroup PLC, the British firm trades on the London exchange. FirstGroup is the parent of Greyhound and provides bus and rail services across Britain.

Konrad expects new, more luxurious buses to be built in the wake of increased middle-class ridership. Thus he expects German firm MAN AG, which trades in Frankfurt, to benefit as well because it builds buses, as well as trucks, coaches and other types of vehicles.

Konrad, who keeps hunting for companies that could benefit from a bus-riding boom, thinks he may have just recently found a third company worth recommending, but said he’s not quite ready to go public with the name.

Coming tomorrow, April 1, Part 2 of Tom Konrad’s top picks – the best alternative energy stocks to own in a bear market

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