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New York Governor David Paterson may be legally blind but, unlike the U.S. Senators mired in the 1950s who are blocking the growth of wind energy nationally, Governor Paterson sees a big future for New Energy and wants to encourage it. From his spokesperson: “The Governor wants to see wind energy greatly expanded in New York. He is very interested in the Staten Island proposal because it may provide clean power in an area of the state that really needs it…”

The permitting process for new wind installations can be daunting and drawn out. Staten Island Borough President Molinaro, on the cooperation he has obtained so far from the New York Department of Environmental Conservation: “[The official I talked to] said she would have to study the issue, but has yet to get back to us…”

Maybe now that the legally blind Governor has pointed the way to the future, the bureaucratically blind Department of Environmental Conservation will see the sense in helping Mr. Molinaro along.

In New Mexico, arms are open wide to Boston’s Citizens Energy. Navajo Nation utility Dine Power Authority will partner with Citizens Energy to build wind on tribal lands. No details of the project size were announced, only details on the money. The Navajo Nation expects to reap $60 to $100 million from the undertaking and will eventually have the opportunity to buy in. Nothing about bureaucratic resistance was mentioned in the report.

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Navajo Nation to Develop Wind Energy
March 27, 2008 (AP via Yahoo Finance)
Harvesting Wind at the Fresh Kills Landfill
Tina Kelley, March 28, 2008 (NY Times)

The Navajo Nation (Joe Shirley Jr., President); Dine Power Authority ; Citizens Energy (Joseph Kennedy, Chairman/President); James P. Molinaro, Staten Island borough president; NY Governor David A. Paterson; BQ Energy; NY Department of Environmental Conservation

The Fresh Kills landfill, the largest undeveloped open space left in NYC and soon to be a new park – but will it have wind turbines? (click to enlarge)

– The Dine Wind Project will be built on Navajo nation land by Dine Power Authority and Citizens Energy.
– Molinaro has asked Governor Paterson to consider a feasibility study for establishing a wind farm, with seven turbines, to power the park planned at a former Fresh Kills landfill.

– The Fresh Kills project is just a gleam in Borough President Molinaro’s eye right now. The Governor’s office, though encouraging, wants more details on its compliance with state and local laws. Molinaro began promoting the plan in August.
– No dates are attributed in the Navajo Nation project announcement.

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– Citizens Energy is based in Boston.
– Dine Power Authority is based in Window Rock, AZ.
– Fresh Kills is a section in the borough of Staten Island, home to the Staten Island ferry.

– The Navajo Nation wind installation is expected to produce $60 million to $100 million in revenue for the tribe over the lifetime of the project.
– The Navajo Nation retains the option to become a majority owner in the wind project.
– Cooperation from the NY Department of Environmental Conservation will be crucial in getting the Fresh Kills project done.

Not much wind in the Navajo Nation region, but maybe enough for a sparse population. (click to enlarge)

Molinaro, Staten Island Borough president: “Pending State and City approvals, the seven 400-foot turbines could generate 17 megawatts of energy, enough to power 5,000 homes. It would take 4.3 million gallons of oil per year to achieve this electric production. With oil at more than $100 a barrel today, the energy costs would be staggering… “The city needs to begin the land lease process now…”

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