Investor Alert: Six Companies Worth Keeping an Eye On, #3 & 4 – Canada’s Plutonic Power and Epcor Power LP

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They keep coming at investors from every country – energy companies, big and small, whose prospects appear bright enough for investors to keep a close eye on. doesn’t claim to know them all, but here are another six – two each from Norway and Canada and one each from Belgium and the United States – that we think are starting to look particularly interesting, continuing with:

Plutonic Power Corp. and Epcor Power LP. Both are from Canada and both trade on the Toronto exchange.

Vancouver-based Plutonic is a hydroelectric power developer specializing in run-of-the-river projects, which is where the natural current of a river is utilized to generate electricity. The company suddenly got a lot more interesting two weeks ago when it announced it was teaming up with General Electric’s financing services unit to bid on what reportedly will be Canada’s largest private-sector hydroelectric investment – a 1,000 megawatt (MW) run-of-the-river hydro project worth roughly $4 billion. Bid proposals aren’t due until November, and in the meantime investors should understand that the company’s stock price is significantly lower than it was a year ago, no doubt due in part to a second quarter loss that was wider than its year-earlier loss, which the company said included a number of non-cash items. Still, with GE in its corner, Plutonic now looks like a company worth watching.

So does Epcor Power, an Edmonton-based limited partnership with an ownership interest in 20 power generation facilities in the U.S. and Canada, some of which use alternative sources such as wood waste and tires. An August 15 article from Canwest News Service makes it clear that wood waste could soon be a much bigger part of Canada’s power generation mix, citing Epcor’s plant, which makes power from chipped bark and railway ties, as part of a model for how “forest power” could become big all over Canada.

If that happens, Epcor will have company. The article notes that, among others, NASDAQ-traded Mercer International Inc. is already getting involved. As with Plutonic, investors also need to deal with Epcor’s second quarter results, which weren’t as good as the year before. The company recently reported second quarter net income of $16 million on revenue of $865 million compared with net of $53 million also on revenue of $865 million. The company cited significantly higher capital investment and construction costs.

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