Investor Alert: Six Companies Worth Keeping an Eye On, #5 & 6 – Belgium’s 4Energy and U.S.’s Azure Dynamics

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They keep coming at investors from every country – energy companies, big and small, whose prospects appear bright enough for investors to keep a close eye on. doesn’t claim to know them all, but here are another six – two each from Norway and Canada and one each from Belgium and the United States – that we think are starting to look particularly interesting, concluding with:

4Energy Invest, a Belgian-based renewable energy company focused on generating power from biomass, and Azure Dynamics Corp., a Michigan-based company that develops hybrid electric and electric powertrains for commercial vehicles. 4Energy started trading in June on Euronext Brussels, while Azure trades on the Toronto exchange.

These two are the most speculative of the six companies highlighted in this series, 4Energy because it only just went public, Azure because its stock sells for only pennies a share. But there may be good reason for investors to start paying attention to both.

4Energy recently reported strong quarter-to-quarter growth in revenue and profit. In addition to its one cogeneration plant now online – the capacity of which was recently doubled – the company says it has three projects, two of them cogeneration projects, under development, and that it has identified a number of additional sites in Europe where other projects may be developed. Meanwhile, the current political tension between Russia and Western Europe over Georgia, which raises concerns about the supply of Russian natural gas to the west, could make 4Energy’s politically-secure power plants more valuable.

Azure Dynamics has an agreement with Ford Motor to develop a hybrid electric powertrain for Ford’s E-series commercial platform. Azure reportedly has orders from Federal Express, AT&T, Florida Power & Light and other firms to convert some of their commercial vehicles. According to the web site Green Car Congress, Azure recently signed up its first commercial dealer and plans to sign some 50 dealers in the next year in major metro markets in the U.S. and Canada. Azure most recently reported a net loss of $16 million for the first half of 2008 compared with a loss of $13.4 million a year ago, reflecting higher engineering expenses and falling margins. Revenue rose sharply to $3.8 million compared with $700,000. The company said its engineering costs rose while its margins fell because of lower volume associated with early-stage production.

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